Being in the heart of the Swiss Alps we are always very close to nature, which is why having a sustainable approach to our restaurant is so important. We want to be a sustainable part of the environment and work in harmony with the local community and its surroundings.

Using local and seasonal food is one way to ensure that the food will be at its best. The menus at Le Bois Sauvage will change regularly to reflect this and we aim to showcase the local tastes and flavours that change with the seasons here in the Val d'Herens and the rest of the Valais.

From a food sourcing perspective, we are very conscious of the ‘field to fork’ concept. We work continually with our suppliers to ensure that wherever possible our food has come from an environmentally positive and ethical farming background. For example, all of our fish is MSC standard and our tea and coffee is Fair Trade.

We also believe it is important for restaurants to manage the social and environmental impact of their operations in order to protect the planet for years to come. Committing to becoming a sustainable restaurant can make a huge difference on issues such as climate change, animal welfare and food waste.

When we re-designed the restaurant we were very conscious of becoming more energy efficient. We installed the use of energy efficient lighting, a recycling programme and water saving devices throughout to help become a more sustainable business.